The Aikido of London podcast series began just before the COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing lockdown became reality. As we were denied the possibility of regular training at the dojo or even the park for the first lockdown, I decided that it was a great opportunity to publish content, start zoom sessions and of course expand the podcasts. It took a little prodding from friends and colleagues alike but in the end it made complete sense. With over 40 years of Aikido and Iaido experience and with the unique position to have trained and teaching professionally meant there was a lot of material and knowledge which I wanted to make available.

I have been writing for sometime now and my blog Upside down inside Out was already a means to express some of that expereince. The podcasts however were a great oppurtunity to stay connected with friends, students and fellow Aikido practioners (and Karate) alike and use the time to convey our thoughts and ideas behind what we all do. They started off a little rough and uneven but soon enough the rythm was established and the range of subjects increased. Personally I have enjoyed them and hope they are useful to inform people as much as we are able to do.

Ultimately we must return to the mat and to the training for the podcasts or the writing to have any real meaning.

Ismail Hasan

Aikido of London


  • Ivan Melo
  • Erdjan Eker
  • Yahe Solomon
  • Stephen Boyle
  • Jose Mosquera
  • Rodrigo Mazzora


  • Olya Kolchyna
  • Gina Urazan
  • Miroslav Brejla
  • Yanti Amos
  • Beth Harris
  • Richard Edmunds


  • Alex Barerra
  • Leonard O’Donovan
  • Philipp Schiffer
  • Leon Gauhman
  • Cathy Ayumi Harris

Latest Episodes

14: Renewal

14: Renewal

I am joined by Beth Harris and Yanti Amos as they bring their differing perspectives on training and staying new. Beth is only 3 years into Aikido while Yanti brings in considerable experience in her Karate and Yoga in which she is both practitioner and teacher. Yanti...

13: Aikido and Creativity

13: Aikido and Creativity

A discussion about creativity in Aikido and martial art with Erdjan Eker. Erdj is an Architect and one of the senior most students at Aikido of London with over 17 years in training. You can find out more about Aikido training at...

12: Couples in Aikido

12: Couples in Aikido

Joining me today are 2 couples - Ivan and Cathy. Olya and Rodrigo. They are couples who train together and have a fascinating journey on how being in a relationship and training and having even met through Aikido, in the case Olya and Rodrigo, has added to the...